Over the years the INA has been involved in several community enhancement projects. If you have an interest in any of them, or have a wish list for the community, please let us know by writing

Some INA Accomplishments:
– 2002 INA/RNA received a $7200 United Way Grant
– 2002 RNA sponsored a ‘Meet the Candidate’ meeting
– INA  Website and Listserv Group
– ‘Inglewood Heritage’ Brochure
– Heritage Festival
– Collaboration with Inglewood Action Partners
– Greenway Development
– Welcome to Inglewood signs
– Jere Baxter volunteer landscaping project
– Inglewood Library tree donation
– Litton Gym renovations
– Inglewood Madison Streetscape Plan for Gallatin Rd & Briley Pkwy
– 2006 Inglewood Survey to determine types of businesses, etc., wanted
– The 2007 Candidate Forum
– Partnerships with CM Cole and Council Lady Bennett
– INA Pencil Partnership with Isaac Litton Middle School
– Re-Leafing day in Inglewood
– Work with Metro Codes on neighborhood code violations
– First Inglewood 8K/3K Race
– Second Inglewood 5K Run
– Inglewood Garden Flags
– Preservation of the Evergreen Log Cabins
– INA recommended 2007 Discretionary Funds go to North Inglewood Neighborhood Assoc/NINA & Litton band
– Curb Appeal Awards
– Cooper Creek Clean-up 
– Co-sponsorship of East Precinct Police Appreciation Day
- First Inglewood Cherry Blossom Feastival
- Annual Night Out Against Crime
- Annual Charity Golf Classic
- Proud supporter of Waldens Puddle
- Proud supporter of Urban Green Lab
- Proud supporter Of Inglewood Elementary After School Music Program
- Proud supporter of Dan Mills Elementary School